Strong for the outdoors.Strong for your sport.Strong for your life.

Online training for those who just need that extra nudge.Weekend warrior? Athlete-at-heart? Supermom?I got you.

Interested in training with me?

Send me an e-mail at, telling me a little bit about yourself and why you want to start online training.

Why remote training?

If you love staying healthy and want to squeeze all the activities out of life, this is a game-changer. Why?

  • Flexibility: Workouts are individualized to you, and are designed based on your space and equipment availability. You complete workouts on your own schedule.

  • Efficiency: No more planning your own workouts. Just open the app and get ‘er done!

  • Accountability: Nothing like having a trainer to make sure you follow through… plus doesn’t it feel amazing to check something off a list?

  • Support: Even if you’re already active, sometimes you just need that extra guidance. Your program is individualized to you. Workouts include videos for all exercises, available to you through an app

How does this work?

1. Initial consultation
In this 30-minute meeting, we discuss your goals, figure out what sort of equipment you have access to, and what training level you're at. This is also a great time to ask any questions you have about training with me.
2. Movement assessment
Using the TrueCoach app, I will send you a list of exercises along with reference videos.
I will ask you to film yourself performing each of the exercises, and to upload these videos directly into the app.
3. Follow your individualized program
I create a workout program that is individualized to you - based on your goals, your movement assessment, and any details we've discussed in our consultation.
This 'program' will include a series of workouts over a given amount of time, usually 4-8 weeks. You access these workouts through the TrueCoach app.
Each exercise listed within a workout will be supported with a video, a prescribed number of sets and reps, and additional information that you may need (such as certain cues to focus on, modification recommendations, etc).4. Record workout details
For most of your workouts, I'll ask you to record information for some of the exercises (such as the weight you used, length of time to complete a task, etc). This helps me see where you're at and track your progress as we go!
5. Check-ins
I will always provide ongoing support - any time you have questions or want some feedback on your form, you can shoot me a message or upload a video via the app.
We can also connect towards the end of each block to chat about how things are going and any changes/updates to your goals.

About me

Hi, I'm CarlaI adore travelling, playing soccer, camping, and sipping on a bold glass of Malbec while unwinding to Friends.My top 5 foods include pizza, hamburgers, salads, chocolate cake, and my mom's homemade macaroni & cheese.I work in the wonderful world of female athlete research by day and strength and conditioning by night. I've been training people since 2017.Fun fact: I don't love working out.What I do love is playing sports, hiking mountains, and playing Spikeball with my friends.I also love sleeping well, staying injury-free, and feeling like a bad-ass when I do pull-ups.Here's the thing - lifting weights lets me live that lifestyle. And I want to share that with you.


  • $149 per month

  • Minimum 3-month commitment

I schedule the initial time period of 3-months because that's usually how long it takes people to see progress. (For some, it may be even sooner!). Patience is key, and I want people to commit to giving themselves the time they need.

  • No contract after the initial 3-month period.

  • 30-day notice for any cancellations.